Misfit Lite

by Sarah House

Download the PDF here- Misfit Lite Socks

ravelry: potterknitter

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The original Misfit Socks are knit in a worsted weight yarn, the test knitters requested a fingering weight version.


The socks are first knit horizontally around the cuff then stitches are picked up for the leg and foot. I used a basic slipped stitch flap heel, but it’s easy to substitute any heel and toe you like as well as adjusting the stitch count of the leg to fit any foot. Please adjust them however you need to make them perfect for you.

They are named Misfit for two reasons. First they are not quite toe up or cuff down, and second I was inspired to do a cabled sock as I was knitting the popular Rogue Hoodie pattern.

Though the pattern calls for a cable needle I suggest trying out some of the techniques for Cabling without a Needle.


When picking up the stitches from the cuff you will get a much cleaner join if you pick up both legs of the slipped stitches.